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I haven't been on this site for a while, but I knew I could get my questions answered here. I recently brought an iPod touch,and while using safari I came across something weird. I went on this webpage, (forgot name) and it said warning this site could harm your computer. I know viruses don't affect the iPod, but i'm just concerned that if I connect to iTunes on my computer it could get infected. By the way I remember hearing about this one program that scans a USB. But, that was a while back.

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hmmm ... "don't affect an ipod" .

google : "ipod touch virus"

do some digging around and you can come up with some information .

while certain operating systems are "safer" (relative term) than others , just because "it's an apple" does not mean that it cannot be a target for infection .

my thoughts ...

due to the somewhat limited horsepower , an antivirus might bog it down .

the best bet is not to jailbreak the unit (of course this means a severe restriction on applications) and make sure that any files transferred between your machines are scanned .

i have my AV program set to do a full-tilt scan of every device when it is plugged into a usb port .

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id also like to point out a few months back there was a virus made that if i recall correctly infected multiple os windows and mac included and your hand helds so that once your computer was cleaned as soon as you plugged the hand held be it a cell or a ipod or a ipod or a ipad into your computer your computer was then reinfected

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