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Do i still need Windows XP Pro Firewall Enabled?

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Hi, DPalmz:

Glad you're all set up and running with MBAM and Avira. :)

I'm not personally familiar with the Avira products.

But, if it is just an anti-virus (without a firewall), then YES, you definitely need some sort of software firewall, as MBAM does not provide firewall protection.

Among the free firewalls, some folks are OK with just Windows firewall (especially those who are behind a router).

Others seem to like Comodo or Online Armour.

I'm sure some of the members who use these and other products will have specific recommendations & preferences. :)

Bottom line: Yes, if it is ONLY an AV, you DO need a firewall.



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The Free version of Avira is only "suggesting" that you install the tool bar along with WebGuard....by having the check box already enabled. 4/5 people will see I accept and not read further, and continue to install. "I accept the terms of the Ask.com End User License User Agreement and want to install the WebGuard with the Avira SearchFree Toolbar." If you look at the top of that page also is says "-Install WebGuard with the Avira SearchFree Toolbar". You can unclick all the boxes and WebGuard will still be installed :D. One thing i lacked in high school, read all instructions and fine print :D.



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