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Anybody know definitively whether this one is malevolent?

Vendor: PUP.PSWTool.ProductKey

Item: C:\Windows\Temp\LTCatche\transfertoolsproductprodukey64exe.exe

I think it might be from a Lab Tech Software product but I only think that because of the "LT".

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I'm not assuming anything. :)

I'm just saying that this particular sub-forum is designated only for general discussion of issues installing and running the MBAM program.

Malicious files (or potentially malicious files or false-positive malicious files) are covered in another specialized sub-fourm, where the malware engineers can examine the file.

EDIT: Alternatively, if you think the file is malicious, then it would be best to read the stickies pinned at the top of this sub-forum, and then to post there: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showforum=51

Either way, for safety's sake, the file needs to be evaluated in the right forum by the right folks.

That's all. :)

You could also upload the file to virustotal.com and see what you get there?

Best regards,


PS: Please use the a8JTu.jpg button instead of other ones when you reply here and at the other forums, so that it will be easier to read. :)

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Also. Pup means potentially unwanted program. This can mean it could be a valid tool used for malicous purposes, adware, etc. As this is a productkey detection this tool could be used by malware to steal your key or it could just be part of the original application. As this is detected correctly the file alone wont tell us anything. If you are sure its part of that software then it would be ok to add to ignore list.

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