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Mouse -- Hyper-reactive, any way to fix? Cleaned it, no good.

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:angry2: Darn, just had to get a new keyboard and now I think the mouse needs replacing.

At a slight touch with mouse, page blows up to fill whole screen, highlighting doesn't hold. Is this fixable? I cleaned the mouse, maybe ball is worn down. Anyone know this kind of hyper sensitivity? wacko:



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Hi deebee -

Over 90% of mice these days are not the Ball type, most use laser ones (very cheap).

Also sounds like the scroll function is clogged or broken.

No problem with fluff in the ball or flat spots any more with laser ones. Just huff and puff on the bottom once a month.

Thanks -

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Hi jon

Yeah, I'm back in the dark ages :P (hah) - my computer's 6 yrs old. Time to spring for a new mouse. Not expensive, you're right, and laser.

One semi related query -- Just got a new cheap keyboard which seems fine (though I miss the clicking sound of my old keyboard): a Logitech K120. Problem is cord is scrawny and short. I have two cats, so the idea of them chewing through this is not appealing.:o

It cost $17 + $10 shipping. The only one close in price is about $40, yipes. Any recommendations re keyboards for a Dell? So time consuming all this looking, comparing, checking, blech.


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i dunno ...

the rosewill line is ok for cheap keyboards .

i go to thrift stores and other such places and keep an eye out for the older click-n-clunk keyboards , those that are branded with HP seem to be of very good quality .

i have not had a problem with my two cats chewing on cables .

but ... you might try rubbing a little capsicum powder on them ... it won't hurt the cats but they will only try it once !

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Thanks CWB :)

Just nervous with Timmy as he's chewed through plastic line on a toy. BUT I realize it was something he was playing with, so probably won't "attack" keyboard cord.

Getting to really like the quieter touch on this keyboard. Thanks for the info re capsicum and kitties and thrift shops for the old style keyboards. SMART!

Really good buy on this, but crazy to have such a lousy cord (short and puny).

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a while back i picked up an HP keyboard (must be about 7 years old) and two wired optical mice at the salvation army for $4 .

a little cleaning with paper towels moistened with "windex" was all that was needed .

oh yeah ... gauging from "recommendations for a dell" ... just about any keyboard will work with any comp .

i don't really have a need for those fancy keyboards that do everything but make toast . <_<

heh ... on my ubuntu machines a set of drivers will load that works some/most of the extra functions (volume , hot buttons , etc) .

... even the "battery low" warning on a wireless optical mouse .

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