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Hey Im New :D!



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Hello All i Am iRosko. ;)

I Am from USA but my parents are mexicans. :rolleyes:

I am 14 years old. :P

I have 2 laptops, one Small Asus (NoteBook), And one big 15'6 Asus (laptop). :lol:

Got the little free off tutoring! And this one im using for my graduation (Last Thursday!) :blush:

Hope I make new friends here and learn basics to prevent Viruses and Other unwanted Things! :)

I also have one question I did the trialpay offer for a free "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Consumer license". :o

But I Am unsure, Are keys LifeTime, Monthly, Yearly? :huh:

:) Thanks and Hello ALL! :D

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Greetings and welcome to the forum :)

Each consumer license is good for life for a single PC, no subscription/renewal fees :).

wow thanks so much ;)

Just i think malwarebytes is so protective :lol:

but do you know why sometimes it doesnt let me go to some sites on my computer? D:

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Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware has a protection feature known as Malicious Website Blocking that blocks the IP addresses of web servers known to host malware and malicious domains. Often a site you may be visiting is either hosted on such an IP address or an advertisement on the page may reside on such an IP address (in which case only the advertisement will be blocked).

If you come across a site that is blocked that you believe should not be then please refer to this post: IP Blocking False Positives and post the info here: False Positives

Thanks :)

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