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Easy newbie questions

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I've used free Malwarebytes but recently purchased the fuller version. Some questions:

  • Is a full scan necessary or is Malwarebytes set to scan any file that is newly put on the system making full scans redundant?
  • Can one set Malwarebytes to automatically do a full scan at a certain time daily (without using some fancy scripts) ?
  • Or do I have to do full scans manually?
  • What is the recommended frequency to do full scans?

Maybe there is a FAQ covering this but I did not see it. Thanks in advance.

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i cant answer all your questions but you should be able to set it up to scan by it self at a time of your choosing and as for how frequently i scan my computer every day as soon as its turned on with both mbam and mse full scans i also run scans when ever i download something new or i reboot the computer but then again im super paranoid

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Hello and welcome, Lsbcal:

You have made a good investment in the PRO version of MBAM -- alongside your standard AV and firewall, it will help to keep you safer.


1) No, a Quick Scan should be all that's needed on a regular basis, in addition to the Flash Scans that can be scheduled to run after scheduled database updates. Full scans are really only needed when cleaning up malware traces after an infection.

2) Yes, the PRO version can be scheduled to do both UPDATES and SCANS. Scheduler help is here: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=45177 For example, I have updates & flash scans set for hourly.

3) I schedule quick scans set for once a day. That's a fairly standard plan which will be more than sufficient. You can certainly schedule or manually run a full scan from time to time, but there's no need to do it very often, so long as your Flash and Quick Scans are clean. Once a month would be more than sufficient.

4) As per sevensages suggestion, you can also scan individual files before opening them -- just save them to your desktop, right click on the file, and then select "Scan with Malwarebytes".

That should get you started -- if you need more help, e.g. with setting up the proper exclusions for MBAM in your AV or firewall, etc., please feel free to post back!



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Daledoc1, thanks. I looked at the link you provided:

"2) Yes, the PRO version can be scheduled to do both UPDATES and SCANS. Scheduler help is here: http://forums.malwar...showtopic=45177 For example, I have updates & flash scans set for hourly."

My PRO version is When I click on Protection->Scheduler it takes me to the Settings tab. There is no nice scheduler screen as shown in that link.

Do you think my version is missing functionality? Or has the scheduler been automated away?

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I looked a little closer...

When I click on Protection->Scheduler->Edit it does allow me to change some things. I can schedule updates for "hourly" and set to "Run flash scan after successful update".

The reason I didn't think to hit the "Edit" button is because the only thing shown in "Scheduler Settings" is the Update. It is not obvious that updating would be used to set some scan options.

Seems that Malwarebytes could consider simple changes to make these things more intuitive. Intuitive interfaces are critical in this age of complexity (for any developers out there). How do you get to intuitive interfaces? One way is to ask a new user like me :). Anyway, I think I'm on my way to getting a good start using Malwarebytes PRO.

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Hi, again:

Well, that tutorial actually dates back a few versions, and there have been some changes since then to the scheduler.

Try this:

Open the MBAM user interface/dashboard by double-clicking your desktop shortcut.

Then click the "settings" tab > "scheduler settings" > "add".

This will open a little wizard that allows you to schedule your updates and scans.

Be sure you OK/save as you back out of every window.

If you want to test it, e.g. the scheduled Quick Scan, then set your Quick Scan to run ~5 minutes or so from the time you set it up.

If you still need help, e.g. with screen shots, post back and let us know,


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Looks like our posts crossed in cyberspace.

It seems you've already figured it out.

It was actually clicking the "add" button that would have gotten you started on the scheduler wizard...

But, I think it's OK now?

Schedule a Quick Scan to run ~5 minutes from now, save the changes, close the MBAM UI and then wait to see if all is OK.


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