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I went to my site which uses abit of java so when I visit, the java client opens in the icon tray to let me know its running but today i've just noticed that my java client hasn't been opening yet everything worked that uses java still worked.

So I went to java's site and did the 'Do I have Java' to verify if I did or not and it said 'Java could not be found working - something appears to be wrong, Java isn't working.' so at that point i went to savevid (an online youtube video downloader) which uses java and confirmed that either java was disabled or not installed but it was listed in the control panel.

I did see that the java control panel icon in the tray the other day but didn't really take much notice of it cos I had only just came off a game I was playing so I thought it was just letting me know of an update...

Anyways, my java version was Java 6 update 12 - yes i know.. YEARS out of date but my java got infected and was advised not to update java but to patch it to block the security holes in my version. Now I have the latest (24?) but question is.. do I still have the java virus.. is it on the loose and what made my version disable/uninstall (which it wasn't) because I never did it.. I have Avast free and MalwareByte's (also free). I did a quick scan but found nothing. (scanned with MalwareByte's)

Just seems strange that the java control panel opened and now everything is claiming it wasn't installed or it was disabled when it wasn't (cos java required stuff still worked) with that and now i'm worried I have a virus lerking around remaining hidden.. it was one of them fake anti-virus ones where window messages pop up saying your infected and it changes your background wallpaper with 'your in danger' and the 30 minute restart after a fake bluescreen. - It couldn't be removed so had to patch my version of java which made it stop. :blink:

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Hello Alpha32: :welcome:

Since Java was updated a few more times since update 24, and in light of your previous troubles, I would suggest completely uninstalling all your old versions of Java and installing the latest (6 update 26) and then execute scans with your anti-virus application and MBAM.

HTH :)

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Ah well, i've got update 26. I said 24 cos I thought that was the latest. I installed it this morning - I never uninstalled the previous one tho (don't know if it replaced the update 12 one that I had)

Do you know if Java did something to older versions so they automatically disable because they've gotten too old?

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I forgot to mention that my computer keeps acting like something is trying to load (or is loading), cos the loading light keeps flashing, I know it does this every now and then, depending what your doing and what's running, this is constant loading. It isn't slowing and the cursor isn't showing the loading icon like it would do normally.

This only started happening since I updated java. Also... I restarted my computer and java popped up saying a new update is availab;e even tho I only updated this morning plus I do have the latest one :mellow:

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Hello Alpha32:

What does a MBAM scan and your anti-virus scan show?

Perhaps you're seeing a hard disk drive (HDD) indicator showing long indexing operations and/or scheduled antimalware scans?

You can always open your Task Manager and see what applications/processes are running when you see a per-longed HDD indication.

Have your previous Java abilities returned?

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Well, I havn't done a Avast scan as it takes too long but I did a full scan with MBAM and it found nothing. Also I don't have no scheduled scans what could it could be doing.

There isn't any application or processes running that I feel should be running or taking too much CPU usage.

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Java is a frequent target of malware and creates great security vulnerability on your computer, especially if there are old versions installed.

If you really want to keep it on your system at all, be sure to:

1) Remove/uninstall all the older versions from Windows Control Panel > Programs;

2) Periodically clean out the Java temp files: Control Panel > Java icon > General tab > Temporary Internet Files > Settings > Delete Files > OK > OK;

3) Uninstall ALL the "java consoles" from Firefox browser (they are not needed);

4) Make sure you keep the one installed version of Java up to date -- if you install both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions, they need to be updated separately.

Like Adobe Flash Player & Shockwave player, it's really important to stay current with these plug-ins.

I'm sure the pros will have some additional suggestions....



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