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MBAMservice terminates when I start the computer

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I have the paid, real-time scanning MBAM. For the past few months I have had was was an intermittent problem: every so often when I turn the computer on I get an alerty in a small window that says: MBAMservice terminated unexpectedly: see event log for details. I have checked (what I believe is) the appropriate directory, but never find a log.

The past few days it has happened every time I start up the PC. I have become very, very experienced in running mbam-clean, rebooting, and re-installing MBAM. I keep my serial number an key in a handy text file so I can copy and paste them in and get scanning again. I run an immediate scan, which always comes up clean -- and I'm pretty sure I am.

I have an IBM ThinkCentre running Windows XP SP3, I have ZoneAlarm Free firewall and Avast 5 free edition anti-virus. I run Secunia PSI and I'm pretty sure everything is up-to-date.

Any ideas what might be happening?

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Hi ceomag,

To view the event log in XP:

Click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Event Viewer.

This is where errors (system, applications etc.) are listed.

Is this what you have tried?

If you can't find anything in there, maybe you are using a Temp File cleaner, in this case you may want to uncheck cleaning the Windows Error Reporting box.

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Sorry for the delay -- I was out scouting colleges with my daughter.

Meanwhile, I can add some info:

First, I was looking in the wrong place for the Event Log. I was looking in the MBAM folder where scans and updates are logged. Still, when I went through the Control Panel I couldn't find any MBAM logs or references. I found Avast logs, System logs, etc., but nothing that looked like MBAM.

Second, it seems to be working now. Shortly after posting this I ran a Secunia PSI scan. It found my Microsoft .NET Framework packages were out of date. I updated them tonight, rebooted for the updates to take effect, and during the reboot MBAM began a scan which ran normally to completion.

I'll keep an eye on it, but that seems to have been the problem. I have no idea why the out of date packages would have prevented MBAM from running, though.

Thank you for your help!

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Also a note: Any reason why you are still running Avast 5 when Avast 6 is out now?

I periodically open Avast and have it check for updates -- and I just did again. It still insists I have the latest version. I'll follow this up on the Avast boards.

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I periodically open Avast and have it check for updates -- and I just did again. It still insists I have the latest version.

I know that some AVs will not do a major version update through the regular database/update process.

You need to download and install it manually.

That is certainly true for Kaspersky.

Be sure to check the Avast boards for articles how to do this correctly.

It often involves at least uninstalling the previous version, and sometimes running a cleanup tool before installing the new build.

You can usually sign up for email notifications of new build releases.


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