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help for a computer novice

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We are a family that is not overly computer knowledgable!! A family member was not paying attention to the fact that they were entering important information onto an email that was sent to them ( vs a legitimate site that they pulled up on their own ). After entering info onto 2 or 3 screens, she realized the insanity of it. Obviously it was a scam and we have reported this to all of the importanat people ( credit card co, credit agency, Postal Inspector Geneal ). However I know that even though she did not complete the info, she exposed herself and the computer to the scammers. I am aware that often times once this has occured the scammers are able to infect your computer and pull your info on an ongoing basis.

* Will Malwarebytes help with this sort of situation?

*I DID purchse Malwarebytes on my laptop ( not the computer originally used ), can I also use this on the home PC? or do I need to repurchase it for that system.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!!!

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Hello and :welcome:

Sorry to hear about your troubles.....

Not one single product is 100% effective, but with an updated antivirus software together with the updated PRO version of Malwarebytes, yes it could help in avoiding these type of situations. With Malwarebytes web blocker feature more than likely would have stopped them from going to the site where they were entering such information.

That being said, Malwarebytes is licensed per computer. Meaning you would have to buy one license for each computer you want to install it on. Bear in mind this is a lifetime license and you can transfer it from one computer to another. They do have discounts should you buy more than one copy.

I hope this has answered your question and if not let me know.... :)

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Thank You for your quick response!! No problem I can purchase it for the home PC as well. I understand that Malewarebytes can help prevent future problems but will it help eradicate any foul play that may have already occured from that unfortunate encounter?? It appears that it does but I'm just checking...very unsettling knowing that someone is able to phish your info everytime you log on. Thanks Again!!!

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Well without knowing what exactly was going on at the time its hard to say, but after installing it on the computer, you can run a quick scan and see if it finds any type of infections on the computer.

Also, once you run the scan, if it finds any infections you can post the logs here and we can have a look at them to see if any further action is required.

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