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Infected - Can't run malwarebytes, or other programs

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I have a virus on my computer that was redirecing my google searches. I have been working on getting rid of the virus, but now I am getting pop ups for fake virus protection programs and I am not able to open any of the programs on my computers. When I try to open anything, including Malwarebytes, a window opens for me to choose which program I want to open it with. I tried several of the options in FAQ to get malwarebytes to open and nothing has worked so far. In the past I've gotten a virus off my computer easily just by running a scan with malwarebytes, so I have no idea where to begin trying to get this thing off my computer.


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I get a window asking me what I want to open it with, but can't actually get it to open.

The same thing happens when I open firefox. I choose to open it with firefox, then when firefox opens a I get a pop up that says I am opening firefox.exe and asks if I want to save the file. I just close that and I can use firefox normally.

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