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vista home security nightmare

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laptop picked up vista home security 2012 on Tuesday (from hotmail ads, I now suspect)

I'm not particularly techy and my husband and I have been trying in vain to follow tutorials to try and fix it.

firstly, when windows was still operating, I managed to transfer MBAM onto the computer via a USB drive - it seemed to run, but when the reboot was prompted at the end, it wouldn't boot up - it just gets as far as a black screen with white arrow cursor and no further. Same if we try to start it in safe mode. (before the MBAM ran, we ran both roguekiller and ots.com and I have the results of those scans in text form, if it might help?)

So we followed the 'unbootable system tutorial' on geekstogo, burning an AVG rescue CD and booting the laptop up via that. It worked, in so far as the AVG scan runs. First run, it wasn't connected to the internet, and the scan didn't identify the right virus (found some old trojan thing but we don't think that's anything to do with it). Second run, we plugged in the internet cable, it updated, and we could see that it had picked up the right virus (it was called huj.exe, I think) while the scan was running, but it must have shut the computer down somehow as when we got home, it was shut down. Third and fourth runs, no luck - just the same old trojan thing, which we renamed, as per the instructions in the tutorial.

We've started trying to produce a ubcd4win CD, but we're not sure where the original windows cds that came with the laptop are, and I think those are essential.

Is it time to admit defeat, or might there be a way of saving the laptop? I'd really appreciate any guidance - I feel like my left arm has been cut off without my laptop.


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