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Does malware infiltrate Blank Space?

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When you are on Yahoo! Comics and the like, you press the arrows to get to the next comic from yesterday or the day before, and there is moment when their is blank space on the screen. If you do this over and over (missed a week of this comic), could malware get in 'the cracks' and insert itself into your browser or somewhere and follow you home? Is this how spam emails are inspired? Stuff like that, in Forbes 100 Most Powerful People-type articles, do you see where we could be vulnerable, or are there failsafes?

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That blank space is just because your computer is downloading the information to be displayed in your browser... there is no vulnerabilty here. The only way it could be malicious if for say in this instince Yahoo had malware on their system that was programmed to latch onto the code that the "next" button relies on. This is highly unlikely as well as most malware (probably around the 99% range) doesn't spread this way. Everything that gets downloaded should and usually is scanned by your anti-virus/anti-malware and also is being filtered by a firewall often a hardware firewall not just software firewall (typical of most businesses). Most malware is spread from either spam pop ups or malicious sites that have code ALREADY embedded in them. Hope this helps...

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