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MalwareBytes and U3 SanDisk


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First off, just wanted to give a shout out to all those responsible for this product and site... you have been a great help with your tips and with Malwarebytes cleaning my pc's...

just a great product!! thank you very much... (and yes i have the full version now, learned my lesson but my family and friends haven't)

which brings me to my question:

I was wondering if it was possible to install Malewarebytes to my U3 sandisk and it run instantly from the thumb drive?

am fighting with my friends laptop and what appears to antivirus 2009, i am having a hard time running Malewarebytes even in safe mode, and when it does run i cant update it.. now i looked here on the forums and found the trick to update the RULES but again it wont start.. and laptop is just hanging..

I found the post by AdvancedSetup:


and i will be trying that next.. but i wanted to ask if were possible to just run your product from a thumb drive...

I looked through out the forum for a post asking a similar question and i didn't see, if am wrong and there is one then i apologize.. a re direct to that post would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks once again for a great product.. you know when you are doing something right when hackers create code that blocks YOUR product from running! keep up the great the work guys and gals...


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  • Root Admin

There was a post for a WinPE install by one user, however due to the internal workings of MBAM even though it will run it will not work very well and will easily ignore and miss many elements of Malware because it was not designed to run in that manner.

Whether or not the program evolves to allow that in the future is still yet to be determined.

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thank you both for responding, that link explained everything... figured it would be difficult since the APP needs to be installed to really clean the PC, at this time.

I will keep an eye out if this changes..

Thanks again, for everything..

Merry Christmas to all and Safe and Happy New Year...


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