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False Positives 93.188.128.XX


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IP Addresses blocked by Malwarebytes, info below.





Nslookup info:
> mozcom-cdn.mozilla.net
Server: resolver1.opendns.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: n2.panthercdn.com
Aliases: mozcom-cdn.mozilla.net, mozcom-cdn.3crowd.mozilla.net

Description: This happens when you visit the Mozilla Firefox website (http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/new/), and MAM is blocking the IP's that host the images (mozcom-cdn.mozilla.net)

Occurs using MAM DB version 6923.

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A lot of big companies are using content delivery networks (CDNs) so the content is stored more localised to the end user, so it's quicker to retrieve the content.

CDNetworks (has acquired Panther Express) and have a large client base, where Mozilla, O2, RightMove must be using them.

Hopefully this can be looked at soon :)

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I am also getting lots of blocks to 93.188.128.xx

The sites I am visiting are John Lewis, wimp.com and dump.com

I have used these sites for ages with no issues.

I believe these are false positives.

Can someone pls resolve this as I am sick of the Malwarebytes block and about to switch off protection.

Thank you.

(paying customer of Malwarebytes)

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