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Xin XP security and all these fake programs?Is there a way to block them?

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protection from all these fake programs, like Win XP security 2010,11,12 etc

Is there a way of prevent my network from this kind of trojan/virus whatever these s***s look like.

I use Symantec endpointProtection for virus check and Malwarebytes Corporate for realtime protection.But these fake programs still infect my clients.

Any recomendations from you would be very usefull.

Thanks in advance

Kanellopoulos Theodoros

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Generally Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware PRO will block these types of infections, as rogues (fake security programs) are one of the areas that we specialize in and focus on. That being said, many of these rogues are so adaptive that it can at times be difficult to stay on top of them (they often create new variants within hours of one another, sometimes even more frequently, to avoid detection).

Our research staff is always working to increase our detection rates of new and unknown threats, including rogues, by improving our heuristics over time, which allows us to often catch new variants of such infections before they're even found in the wild, unfortunately it does not always work, though it does get better over time.

Unfortunately, rogues and most other malware these days are being created to generate income illegally, so there is a lot of money at stake for the malware makers to create infections that aren't easily detected, and are easily adapted to avoid detection if existing versions are already detected by Malwarebytes and other security products so it is a never ending battle of cat and mouse trying to stay ahead of them and stop these infections as quickly as we can.

Since you are a corporate customer, any time you do have problems you should contact corporate-support@malwarebytes.org directly, making sure to include your reference number when you do to ensure a speedy reply, and they will assist you directly with disinfecting your systems. This service is of no extra charge if you are a licensed corporate customer.

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I'd toss your Symantec & replace it with PandaCloud Anti-virus ("computing from the Cloud" seems to be the 'next wave' in virus protection), stay w/ MBAM (and never EVER leave :blush::blush: ) and add Super AntiSpyware FREE to your arsenal.

Despite Panda's reviews as having a "fair-to-middlin'" detection rate as an anti-vi, the combo of it with MBAM seems to be the key. (I learned of SAS via one of the first two sites. Before SAS, I was a PC Tools w/ anti vi + Threatfire user before.) While Threatfire DID provide the 'realtime' component, it was too confusing to be of much help. [No help deciding whether to "allow/disallow" the "possible malicious procedures..." it detected.)

Having suffered a *god-awful* "scareware" attack (I was away from my 'puter when it hit & was unable to take any action ~ i.e., by the time I got back to my pc & discovered it, nearly a thousand scareware rogue "spores" had infected my System. I ended up having to do a system restore -- and lost my book -- 5+ years of work -- in the process.

Since installing those 3, I've been attack free, since!

*One can try PandaCloud Anti-vi pro, by clicking "Like" on its facebook page.

Do some research about "Cloud Computing" (or "computing from the Cloud") & decide for yourself -- as I said, it worked for me!

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