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Malwarebytes anti-malware pro + comodo firewall free (w/out defense+)

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Hi everybody!

Are there any incompatibilities / issues between malwarebytes anti-malware pro and comodo firewall free (w/out defense+)? Should I set exclusions for both? if so what do I exclude for both? I did checkout the Common Issues, Questions, and their Solutions thread but didn't notice any comodo entries. I'm writing here just to make sure. Thanks in advance. :)

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Hello eric c. :welcome:

On a XP Home system I have, I run the Comodo Free Firewall (also w/o D+) and it doesn't have any negative interaction with my MBAM PRO and I've yet to enter any reciprocal exclusions.

I hope you have a good anti-virus application to go with them.

HTH :)

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@1PW thanks for the response:)

My setup is:

Windows 7 Starter

avast! 6 free (all shields enabled) (exclusions set for malwarebytes anti-malware pro)

malwarebytes anti-malware pro (exclusions set for avast! 6 free)

winpatrol plus

comodo firewall (without defense +)

Would there be a difference? since mine is windows 7 and your example is windows xp? Well so far I'm not really noticing any negative effects. I just posted just to check and make sure :)

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