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Finally Fast Phone Call

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One of my friends from another forum, Jeff Weisbein, recorded his phone call to Finally Fast. If you don't know about Finally Fast, then you may remember one of their commercials. In the commercial they try to sell you a product that supposedly boosts your Internet connection by 375%. It also supposedly cleans malware and spyware and just overall makes your product faster. The catch is, you need to purchase it before it does anything. There are some anomalies in the commercial. For example, the commercial customers have Mac's when they are running XP on them. The products are not even compatible for Mac's. Anyway, enough of my ranting, have a look at this video.

Finally Fast is created by Ascentive. I strongly urge you do not purchase their products and if you have, you get your money back immediately.

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I've heard horror stories about this around the net, issues like they won't let you cancel (if they can help it) they bill you $60 monthly directly using the credit card number you provide upon purchase and that it makes your PC incredibly slow. By the way, as I recall, RogueRemover detects and removes it (however MBAM doesn't, I don't think).

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Thanks for vid link Marcin and Jeff, Llke the hat! :)

Sounds like the sales reps went to the geek squad school of "I Dont Know". I've been reading the complaints about this program, not good. Had this article and looks like a good time to post.:)

How To Remove Ascentive PC SpeedScan Pro (UPDATE)

Submitted by Ed Coyne on Tue, 12/02/2008 - 15:02 malware scam

This post was last updated on December 21st, 2008

This is just a quick update to a post I had originally published, just a few weeks back.

This post is for people who need to know how to remove Ascentive PC SpeedScan Pro and all the garbage that comes with it.

I thought I had gotten rid of all traces of Ascentive PC SpeedScan Pro, shortly after I tested and uninstalled it. As it turns out, I was mistaken.

During my second trial of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (I've found myself using this on some really tough customer PC infections, lately), I found that I still had 8-10 traces of their "Rogue.AscentivePerformance" and a single reference to "Rogue.Installer". Of course, MBAM ($24.95 for a lifetime license) removed all of them.

So, after going into "Add and Remove Programs" and uninstalling PC SpeedScan Pro, you just need to run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove all traces that the Ascentive software leaves behind.

For a relatively "unknown" company, with a fairly "plain jane" website, they've put out a pretty decent product. I'm not saying that MBAM is now "THE product to use", I'm just saying that it's a great addition to anyone's PC repair toolbox.

Ascentive Contact Details:

Ascentive LLC

201 Spring Garden Street

Suite 400

Philadelphia, PA 19123 USA

Fax (215) 320-6001


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Heh, good job guys, hopefully you'll stop any potential buyers :) Anyways

is this considered rogue program? I thought all of the rogue programs are made of gangs... never knew you can actually phone one lol

That makes me also curious.. haven't you guys ever thought of suing them? Collecting evidences etc and go up the court or something? I mean, there must be something that can be done... If only I lived there :)

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I can't see the edit button... was it removed? Why? Couldn't find anything about it

anyways, what I wanted to add

Once you reach the 50 post mark, the edit button will appear, the mods implemented this to prevent certain members from editing posts and tweaking their HijackThis logs or other logs. For the time being, use notepad to edit your topic before posting. ok :P

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Anyways is this considered rogue program? I thought all of the rogue programs are made of gangs... never knew you can actually phone one lol

Think of it in the same way a rogue tradesman (builder, plumber, electrician etc) operates.

Just because they advertise their services using popular media, it doesn't make them legit. :P

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