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PRO licence duration

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  • 11 months later...

Is this still true? Pro license will last a lifetime? Or does lifetime mean each major version of the software?

Hello and welcome to MBAM forum: :)

PRO consumer license is "lifetime", but can be transferred to another rig, e.g. if you replace your computer.

(Corporate licenses are handled and -- I think -- renewed differently.)

At least it has been "lifetime" for as long as I've been using MBAM, and it has gone through several major version updates.

But we'll need to wait for an MBAM staffer to provide more specifics, if you need them.



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  • Root Admin

The consumer version of the product has and continues to have a lifetime license for consumer home use only. All other non consumer use requires an annual renewal fee.

Each consumer computer must have it's own license if you want to use the Pro features. When changing computers you must remove the licensing from the old computer which can be accomplished by downloading and running the following tool to fully remove the product.

Thank you

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To put it bold the license is good until you die or if Malwarebytes' ever goes out of business. :)

How is Malwarebytes' going to know if you die? lol :huh:

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