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In version 9.2, Agnitum offers a self-contained product that installs and scans without hesitation, whatever the circumstances the user finds himself in.
Outpost can perform installation and on-demand scanning in Windows Safe Mode as well as detect and remove malware during the installation.

In addition, Agnitum automates the technical support process in case of emergency by providing a bootable Linux-based rescue utility free-of-charge. Customers can use Outpost Live Disk CD/USB to remove viruses that prevent the installation of security software, clean up the infection, and install future-proof security as part of the same seamless process.

On the prevention side, Outpost 9.2 offers upgraded URL Blacklist functionality. The developers have completely rebuilt and enhanced the URL processing system behind the URL Blacklist module to cover an even larger volume of known malicious sites. Updated and replenished on a daily basis, the module steers users away from websites with bad reputations, helping to keep their digital assets safe.

New Features
New! Emergency first aid
If ransomware or any other sophisticated malware denies users access to their computer and keeps Windows from functioning, they can now create a bootable rescue CD or USB drive with Outpost Live Disk utility. This tool will eliminate the malware that is preventing Outpost from being installed and clears the way for a normal installation process.

New! Installation on an infected system
Some malware processes are designed to prevent installation of security software. In response, Outpost 9.2 can pre-install and run a scan for active malware in Windows Safe Mode before attempting actual installation. Once any pre-existing infections are removed, Outpost can step in to protect the system from future threats.

Improved! Major upgrade to URL BlackList

The Internet is teeming with bad websites that aim to extort money or personal information from unsuspecting users. Outpost 9 uses a brand-new URL processing system to protect users against accessing fraudulent websites, and increases its knowledgebase of bad sites thanks to regular updates. Before any damage can occur, Outpost will steer the user away from a dangerous website and save their valuable information.

Improved! Outpost 9.2 is now fully compatible with Windows 8.1
Outpost 9.2 products continue to maintain universal compatibility with all supported Windows platforms, including the latest Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 versions.

Once installed, Outpost does its job without slowing the machine down, providing all the protection needed, no more, no less. Agnitum’s R&D is continually working to improve performance and stability of the Outpost products without adversely impacting security.

News.gifProduct Info: Outpost Firewall 9
viewicon.gifMore Info: Agnitum Blog

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Outpost Security Suite FREE Released

Build number: v7.1

Release Date: 07 February 2011

Agnitum is the first security vendor to deliver a fully functional free version of an Internet security suite for Windows users.

Outpost Security Suite FREE 7.0 builds on the acclaimed antivirus, firewall and proactive protection technologies.

The free solution employs modern techniques to prevent infections, data corruption and PC intrusions.

Whats New:

• VB100 certified antivirus

• Best-of-breed PC firewall

• Top-notch proactive protection

• Light-weight solution, no slowdowns

• Up-to-date technology — based

on the latest Outpost 7.0

• Full compatibility with modern Windows (7, Vista, XP)

• Full compatibility for 64-bit Windows

Min. Hardware Requirements:

450 MHz CPU(x86-/x64-/multi-core),

256Mb RAM, 200Mb free disk space.

News.gifProduct Info: Outpost Security Suite FREE

viewicon.gifDownload: Outpost Free

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Agnitum Outpost v9.2 Released

Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.2

Build number: 4859.708.2041

Release Date: 09.17.2015

Security Suite Pro, Antivirus Pro

What's New:


• Windows 10 support

• Installation on a clean system with no need to reboot

• Optimized performance of the application rating process

Fixed issues

• Eliminated system lags during application rating process previously revealed by several applications

• Fixed an occasional service crash after quitting the hybernation mode

• Fixed an issue of applying exceptions while the antivirus operates with network resources

• Eliminated an occasional BSOD when attempting to deactivate specific types of malware

• Fixed an occasional service crash when attempting to deactivate specific types of malware

• Fixed an issue of protection components management in the main window

• Fixed an issue of detecting malware objects during context scanning

• Fixed display of base update time in the main window

• Fixed an issue of occasional control channel overflow in the driver when downloading torrents.

uploader.gifDownload : All Versions

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