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Help Speakers Stopped Working


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Hi all

It's been a long time and I see the site has been revamped. Nice.

OK, why are my speakers not working. Jack is plugged into correct port. I have a Dell Dimension and just one jack to plug into back of tower.

Could this have any connection to spilling soda yesterday into keyboard? Getting new keyboard as space bar is screwed up, but am at sea as to what is going on with speakers.

Thanks a lot


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is your keyboard one of those "all the junk on the bunk" types ?

scroll wheel , assignable buttons for email , etc ?

if so the problem might be due to the/a volume control on the keyboard .

quite some time ago i had a machine that had a history/problem similar to yours ...

for whatever reasons the keyboard kept sending a "volume down" command back to the comp .

a replacement keyboard solved the problem .

i do not know the exact reason behind the sending of the erroneous command as the replacement keyboard was 15 bucks ...

not worth digging into .

replace the keyboard , if the problem is solved , all is good .

if it does not fix it ... on to step two .

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