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Can't rin AboutBuster

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Try putting comctl32.ocx in the same folder as AboutBuster.exe, it should work that way. Or better yet, try:

regsvr32 "C:\Windows\System32\Comctl32.ocx"

Make sure thats where comctl32.ocx is.

Well, C:\Windows\System32\ has "comctl32.dll" and it has "MSCOMCTL.OCX" but neither I nor SEARCH can find "comctl32.ocx".

What now?

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You need to download this file into your System folder


Then do regsvr and it should work just fine! =)

By my System folder do you mean C:\Windows\System32? I tried that and a dialog box said that "the folder already contains a file with that name. Did I want to replace it?" Frankly, I'm worried about messing up my computer by doing something I don't understand. If the file's already there why can't I regsvr it? Or find it? And if it's not already there why did that dialog box say it was? Also, according to Properties this is an ActiveX Control file and I've heard that ActiveX controls can be dangerous to fool around with if you don't really understand what you're doing. Which I don't. Maybe I'd better just do without AboutBuster rather than get into really deep water. Can you clarify all this for me, or should I just forget the whole thing?

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ActiveX controls are only dangerous when you don't know who has created the activeX and they try to install it on your system.

In this case, the activeX control was created by the Microsoft Corporation. I believe you can't register the activeX because it is corrupt, so go ahead and replace it in your system32 folder and try to regsvr once again.

And yes, system folder is C:\Windows\System32.

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