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Slow scans on FireFox 4's Cache folder

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First of I apologize if I posted on the wrong section &/or if a similar thread has already been posted by somebody else.

I've noticed that after I upgraded (automatically, as in FireFox mandatory updates) to FireFox 4 from FireFox 3.6 that a full MBAM scan takes way too long than when I still had the previous version. The slowdown occurs when MBAM scans the Documents & Settings > Application Data > FireFox cache folder. To give you an exact value of elapsed time, when I was still using FireFox 3.6 a Full MBAM scan would only take 44 minutes on my system with nothing else running in the background except Windows Media Player with 1.5Gb of RAM. Now that I'm on FireFox 4 running a full scan with Windows Media Player running along with the scan & still with 1,5gb of RAM my full scan takes one hour & thirty minutes (1:30) to finish. Well actually it used to take two hours fifteen minutes (2:15) BEFORE I trimmed down FireFox 4's default cache size of 1gb of Hard Drive space to only 256mb of space. Still, an hour & a half still is a long time to finish a scan.

I'm absolutely certain it's not something to do with a virus or malware infection as it just started after the upgrade to FireFox 4. And I'm very careful as to where I go in the vast interwebz. Oh & I've also read people getting pissed off at FireFox's plugin container component as they say it's a resource hog & all that.

I'd consider using Google Chrome but just like a few people had experienced, my computer had digital diarrhea when I tried Google Chrome :(

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