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Search item did not "Hit"


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I wish you would make changes to your Search Engine.

I copied a post title from the General Malware Forum and pasted it into the Search Block, but get that damn error of less than 4 characters.


How is one supposed to find something ? !

Then I enter: program_error_load:

No results found for 'program_error_load'.

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Unfortunately, IPB, the board software we use, has certain limitations when it comes to search. I know our site admins have made great strides to improve our board search engine functionality, but I believe the number of minimum characters that can be used in a search term has no setting to change it (though I could be wrong, but every other IPB board I've used suffered from the same limitation).

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And it's exactly what I posted and got a "gtfo" type of response.

not on your life - i am searching within the forum

Care to elaborate? I bet you didn't even try following the link.

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Thanks guys, for the replies. Just a note, though. Bleeping Computer appears to have the same forum software, & I did a search for RAR files & it returned results, not the error msg, so there must be a setting that can be changed.

Anyhow, it is good to know about the google search where you can put the site to be searched, even though I don't use google.

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All you need to do is tell Google to search within a specific domain.

PROGRAM_ERROR_LOAD_DATABASE(0, 13, Create SDK) site:malwarebytes.org

It will return the requested data if found.

I did as you said, and several hits at Mbam were returned; However, only was relative. The others had nothing to do with the search criteria.

PROGRAM_ERROR_UPDATING(12163,0,IsInternetConnected site:malwarebytes.org

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Quick Google search results =


18 Jun 2011 ... PROGRAM_ERROR_LOAD_DATABASE(0, 13, Create SDK) I also have this same error. It seems the only way to get this fixed is to have someone here ...

forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=87638 - Cached



100% Update Program_Error_Load_Database (0, 13 Create SDK ...?

Program Error Load Database?

Etc, Etc . . . .

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