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Problem adding MBAM file exclusions in McAfee Program Permissions

Guest spc3rd

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Guest spc3rd

Good afternoon everyone,

I just purchased the MBAM Pro software around 2 hours ago and have encountered some difficulty in adding the recommended MBAM files (found here on this site) to the Program Permissions list in McAfee's Firewall. There are 8 files, but I've only been able to add 3 of them. The others will not display when using the <BROWSE> button to add them in.

If I exit out of McAfee and access C:\Program Files\MWB, I can see all the MBAM files with no problem. The same is true for the other files found in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data... and in C:WINDOWS\System32\Drivers...

Does anyone have an idea as to how I can add these other files to the Program Permissions list? (The list of files is appended to this posting in a MS Word file).

Thank you for your time and any assistance!

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Guest spc3rd

Hi Exile360!

Thanks very much for the info. Those were the 3 files I was able to add, fortunately. I didn't have any problem with adding the specific McAfee folders and files to the MBAM Ignore List. (These were files/folders that I found on this site a couple of days ago).

Thanks very much again!

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