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Dial Up Connection


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A Friend was given a computer (his first ever) DELL Desktop Running XP/SP3. The person who gave it to him tried to set up a dialup connection (don't ask why) but although they get a dial tone on the phone, the connection doesn't work. I can't remember last time I worked on dial up, so my question is this: Doesn't the phone Co have to condition the line for data before the connection will work, ? - there has never been a computer installed at his residence.

These two guys are Computer Novices, and I haven't been to the site yet; for all I know they may have connections crossed, as they are both engineers !

Thanks for any response you have to offer.

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As mentioned, I have not gone over to see what these two Genuises have done.

The one guy is a Registered Member of the Mensa Society, and the other guy scored highly on the test,

so who knows what they have done ! :lol:

The funny part is the guy who was given the Computer, doesn't even want it as he cycles to the Library, nor does he want to know

how to use it ! He would still have an antenna on his roof, if not forced to go with Cable.

And I will just add, he is an elderly Scotsman who is no way paying for high speed interne ! :o

Oh well, this should be fun !

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