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  • Root Admin

I mean you're attempting to advertise your software on our site. We don't allow advertising like that on our site.

If you wish for us to possibly list it in our software forum then it would need to meet with the approval of the Research Team or already be a very well known product (which yours is not).

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Guest gone1

I didnt like the weebly hosting service so i used wix :)

Do you seriously think somebody actually wants your software when they can get the multidimensional malware slayer called Malwarebytes?

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From our Terms of Use:

In addition you will not engage in any sort of spamming, whether it is comment spam (injecting a comment into a thread for the purpose of placing a link back to a website offering the same services offered here; or services totally unrelated to this website), the use of signature links deemed to be for the sole purpose of increasing web traffic to a site of interest by the member, or any combination of those two examples. This includes the Personal Message feature.

Like Ron said, the program needs to meet with the approval of the Research Team first.

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