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how did program SpeedyPC get past

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Left my computer running for eight hours. When I returned I found the screen was showing a window of results from a SpeedyPC scan.

SpeedyPC is a program that I have never downloaded, let alone installed.

So how did this EXE file get past Malwarebytes and run itself?

I have hourly updates of Malwarebytes, and protection enabled.

SpeedyPC also got past Avast, which was also running. When I went to uninstall SpeedyPC, Avast warned me that the uninstaller was suspect and that I should open it in the 'sandbox'. The uninstaller told me that SpeedyPC was uninstalled, but the folder and files are still there. Fortunately SpeedyPC is not among the start up programs.

Scans by Malwarebytes and Avast show no nasties left over, but since SpeedyPC got past both of them, and the uninstall procedure was odd, I am left with a slight nagging feeling.

Has anybody else been faced with an unexpected screen by SpeedyPC?

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Hello Jefferies, welcome to Malwarebytes. I never heard of anything called "SpeedyPC" but a product with such name may only be about as legit as FinallyFast. If you think you're infected, please read this topic and make a new post here. If you have a malicious sample to submit, please post it here. Thanks!

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Speedy PC certainly exists:


An update on uninstall. I decided to ignore the Avast advice to run uninstall in the 'sandbox'. Now SpeedyPC has gone as a program folder.

Subsequent scans with Malwarebytes and Avast find nothing suspicious. So I don't think I am infected.

The question remains - how did it get past Malwarebytes and Avast to install and run itself?


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No program is bullet-proof. I can't find any download links for it on that site. Do you have the setup file? If you do, please submit it to Malwarebytes for analysis. If you didn't download it, maybe someone else did. Look in your downloads or temporary folder.

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The download site is

The setup file is SpeedyPCInstaller.exe.

I have not downloaded this file. It is not in my downloads folder, nor anywhere else on my computer.

My hunch is therefore that somehow SpeedyPC got direct access to my computer.

I should have said that if any person did download and run SpeedyPCInstaller.exe, then that person was a burglar (or, I suppose, myself having a senior's moment).

It seems there were two programs that were not bullet proof. I am curious to know whether others have had my experience of SpeedyPC getting past the sentinels of Malwarebytes and Avast.

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Thanks. That's fair enough. I couldn't find any comments on the web suggesting SpeedyPC is a nasty.

I think I have been making a wrong assumption. I thought that Malwarebytes (or Avast, for which of course you can't answer) would ask me whether I wanted my computer to download and run any EXE file that I was been gratuitously offered. I see now that this only happens if a nasty has been already detected in the EXE file.

Matter closed, I think.

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