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I have had the same email account through yahoo for 11 years. Suddenly, on Tuesday June 7th I was unable to go to www.yahoo.com or pull up any other yahoo site that would provide technical support or lead to my email. The only sight I can go to that has to do with yahoo is my.yahoo.com but I still can't open the sign- in button. They all just pop up that internet explorer is unable to open webpage. I deleted my history and all my cookies, reset modem and router, and updated adobe and microsoft, and I turned off my security settings. None of those things helped. I tried our other laptop and it has the same issue. I called our ISP and they said they can't help because it isn't their problem since I can pull up other sites.

Any help is very appreciated

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can you go to a friend's place and use his comp to try to log into your yahoo account ?

if you can and you do manage to log in , your comp(s) may be infected .

blocking a single web site is kind of odd for malicious software infections ... but you never know .

take a real close look at a few google search return results ... this may be a clue as to a browser highjack .

you could try installing firefox ... when asked if you want to import anything from IE , say "no" , and try to log in from that browser .

if you can log in , then there is a problem with IE and/or you might have an infection .

however --- sometimes , malware will "get into" even a new browser install .

you might want to head over to the HJT section and start a thread for one laptop at a time .

start here : http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=9573

good luck !

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Just to try to rule out the ISP and the router and DNS you might try any of the following:

- ping www.yahoo.com on both your computer and a friends computer. see if you get the same IP address (or at least the same subnet)

- check the DNS settings of your laptop and compare them to what your ISP says you should have

- bring a friends laptop over and see if they can use your network to get to yahoo -- if not it points to your ISP OR your router configuration

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