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MAM runing in Safe mode


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Hello suadnovic, to answer your questions regarding safe mode:

1: generally the only reason to run MBAM in safe mode is if it won't run in normal mode

2: running MBAM in safe mode doesn't allow it to load all the drivers it needs to remove difficult malware like rootkits and many trojans, safe mode also prevents a lot of malware from running which actually decreases MBAM's ability to detect it because MBAM is designed to look for active infections.

I hope I've sufficiently answered your questions, good luck and safe surfing.

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MBAMrun in safe mode...I hope I've sufficiently answered your questions, good luck and safe surfing.

I asked this, because I haved some traets on my Lap, and used SDFix to clear things. And one condition to use it, is to be runed in Safe mode. Generally, knowing Anti-Virus softver is not my best side, not at all.

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Yes, that's absolutely true, SDFix, and many other tools like it are specifically designed to be run in safe mode, however to be able to remove active infections that are loaded and running is most likely why MBAM is designed the way it is so that it will be able to get rid of difficult infections that would normally require special tools, like SDFix, to remove them, but accomplish it without special steps or booting into safe mode.

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