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"Cleaned" spyware - now get Blue screen!

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My PC has been acting wierd (bogus-looking popups about Windows Firewall) so last night I decided to update and run Malwarebytes. (I usually scan with MB about once a week or so).

In normal Windows mode, Malwarebytes would start scanning, show a couple of "found" problems, then all of a sudden the PC would re-boot - while the scan was still running. Could not get it to complete the scan.

So, I decided to run Malwarebytes in Windows "SAFE" mode and it completed. Found 3 spywares/malwares which I then cleaned.

Rebooted the PC and now I get the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH followed by a continuous reboot cycle.

GREAT - it was working before I ran Malwarebytes - now it won't even boot. I can't even boot in SAFE mode - it flashes a blue screen then reboots in an endless loop. I tried booting and running CHKDSK from the Windows CD and it locks up at 23% in the first phase.


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Hello and welcome, jebb19:

Sorry to hear that your computer may be infected.

The BSOD may be the result of the malware's having infected important Windows files.

It sounds like you could use some help from the malware experts.

Alas, we do not work on malware removal in this particular part of the forum.

However, free, expert assistance can be found at the malware removal-HJT forum.

Here's how to get started:

1. First, please go to THIS PAGE, print out, read and follow as many instructions as you can, skipping any you are unable to complete. (Of course, in your predicament, the computer may be too crippled to run the requested tools.)

2. Then, please describe your computer's symptoms as best you can and post the requested logs by starting a new thread at the Malware Removal-HJT forum . (Please use copy/paste to include the scan results in your post, rather than attaching the log files to your post.)

One of the authorized, trained experts will then assist you as soon as possible for one-on-one malware detection and removal. They will have some expert advice to get you back up and running, and cleaned up.

When you post, please be sure to select Track This Topic & choose one of the email options, so that you will be notified when someone responds.

Please be patient and allow at least 24-48 hours before bumping your thread - the "0" reply count helps the experts spot your thread.

Other Support Options:

--- Alternatively, as a paying customer using MBAM PRO, you may wish instead to start a support ticket by contacting support at: support@malwarebytes.org; or

--- Premium, fee-based support options are available here.

Also, please use the "Add Reply" button when replying here & at the other boards, so that it will be easier for everyone to follow the thread.

I hope this gets you started on cleaning up your system & restoring it to working order,


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