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Vitrumonde gone !! Thanks a lot !!

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Hi Malware Bytes Team

After suffering from deadly virtumonde / trojan for last 4 days and trying several things, I gave up and decided to restore the system. Then I came across your website and your FREE version of the anti-virus software. In the first scan it detected 39 virtumonde items and remove it! My computer is virus free and I am worry free !! Thanks a lot. Great product ! Saved me lot of time and money. Once my current anti-virus expires I am going to buy your paid version.

Thanks again


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Hello RB and welcome to MalwareBytes forums.

MBAM is a great anti-malware product. One cannot but be continuously amazed with it's ability to quash the most-often occuring malware { I hope I phrased that right :-) }

But it does not contain an anti-virus component. So you still need an AV program.

If you just have MBAM and no other anti-malware onboard, let me suggest you purchase MBAM so that the active protection feature is enabled for you, and this would help to block malware actively. It's a one time fee with no yearly recurring cost.

With that said, I'm concerned that if you had "restored" your system, How did you do that?

Did you wipe and then reload Windows fresh?

Did you use your pc's system restore CD?

OR did you use Windows' System Restore (in XP ) ?

which did you use?

If you simply used XP's System Restore, I'd suggest you run a battery of more tests, with guided help, since this pc may well have some other undected malware leftovers. For guided help, see the topmost sticky notes on this sub-forum


then do the preliminaries and create a new topic.

For now, let me suggest you do an on-line scan at Kaspersky, by using your Internet Explorer and clicking on the link

Scan the system with the Kaspersky Online Scanner


Attention: Kaspersky Online Scanner 7.0 may not run successfully while another antivirus program is running. If you have Anti-Virus software installed, please temporarily disable your AV protection before running the Kaspersky Online Scanner. Reenable it after the scan is finished.

During this run, make sure your browser does not block popup windows. Have patience while some screens populate.

1) Click the Kapersky Online Scanner button. You'll see a popup window.

2) Accept the agreement

3) Accept the installation of the required ActiveX object ( XP SP2-SP3 will show this in the Information Bar )

4) For XP SP2-SP3, click the Install button when prompted

5) The necessary files will be downloaded and installed. Please have plenty of patience.

6) After Kaspersky AntiVirus Database is updated, look at the Scan box.

7) Click the My Computer line

8 ) Be infinetely patient, the scan is comprehensive and, unlike other online antivirus scanners, will detect all malwares

9) When the scan is completed there will be an option to Save report as a .txt file. Click that button. Copy and paste the report into your reply.

Re-enable your antivirus program.

Kapersky Online Scanner can be uninstalled later on from Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, if desired.

Reply with a copy of the Kaspersky.txt report.

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