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Hardware or Software Prob?


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XP suddenly didn't see my ATI 4850 drivers on a cold start, XP reverted to 16 colour 4bit, I re-loaded the ATI drivers. MacAfee was also damaged (on Task bar but failed to run) but re-installing has resolved this. MacAfee found Spyarcade (removed) and AMB found PUM Disabled Security but this may well be MacAfee turning them off in favour of itself. So now it either boots -


(2)Correct resolution but doesn't see my ATI card and my Asus temp and fan monitor program loads but with two displays

(3)It run 16 colours 4bit again. MacAfee continues to load and run ok though now.

In addition to MacAfee (Internet Security) I also use Malwarebytes and Spybot - neither run in resident memory.

I've moved forward since this started a few days ago but now I'm not sure if this is a faulty video card or software fault or an attack that's sneaked in under the radar. I'm getting mixed advice and so decided to ask this forum that's been so good in the past - help!

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. No I haven't yet but I did consider it yet. First, if possible, I'd like to understand why it should suddenly have become unstable given I've not installed or modified anything. I've run Chkdsk and all is ok. It survives a warm boot but not always a cold one. But I'm ready to take advice from those that know a lot more than me! What do you think to Windows Restore Point? Perhaps that may work but what happens to my recently saved data and emails?

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Hello BWP,

I'm having the same issue as you. Came home a couple of days ago, booted up, and 4 bit mode.. After reinstalling the drivers and rebooting, it worked fine..for a couple of days. About and hour ago I booted up again and got 4 bit mode.. reinstalled again and working again but don't think it will last. I'm going to go back and check any updates done within the last week to see if there is anything odd.

Win XP Pro

ATI Radeon 9800 XT Pro 256

McAfee Anti-virus

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Here's the only thing I've noticed, not sure if it might be part of the problem or not. I started having these problems on the 9th, there are 3 McAfee DAT files that were created 12:16 AM on the 9th. These are bootclean, bootnames, and bootscan.

I had to reinstall the ATI driver again this morning, this time I rolled it back to an older version to see if it will happen again.

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Hi Syrph, your experiences are interesting. Since I tried to update my ATI drivers (it failed) I've had no problems. I've perfomred sveral warm and cold boots and all seem normal. Like you I'm nervous so I'm going to follow CWB's advice to check for some sneaky "under the radar" infection. Of course the other unanswered question is why did the ATI driver update fail? Any ideas from anyone to help both of us?

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