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Skype.exe blocked. Cannot resolve...

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Since yesterday I have used the 'real-scanner' of MBAM. Today when I wanted to work with Skype, It got blocked by the real-scanner. And I could not get it to work again. I deleted MBAM and all the files from my computer, and yet skype still doesn't work. (3 computer restarts) It is on offline mode now all the time, and cannot get it online. And I cannot see any other contacts online. I checked the forum, but I have no idea how to resolve this issue, even after going through some FAQ's.

What I tried was adding skype.exe in the list of safe programs, but it didnt work. The IP-block appeared, but I was foolish to remove the ignore I put the skype block. I do not know how to add the IP for skype again, because the manual ignore in MBAM does not let you add IP-adresses..

Anyone has a solution on how to resolve skype?

Thanks in advance,


(p.s. right now I have deleted MBAM from my pc)

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  • Root Admin

While you're actively using Skype you may need to disable the Website Blocking feature temporarily. If you leave Skype running all the time then you'll either need to manually add the IP block if you want each time a new one is found by right click the tray icon and add.

The issue is that Skype is using the same network that Peer2Peer uses which does often contain malware threats, just in a different manner.

Though not currently available we do hope to possibly offer the ability to allow based on applications in a future version.


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