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What not to back up if I have Sality

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Hi all,

I'm new here so excuse me if I'm not writing in the right place..

I have Sality on my computer for a while now. Also I know that to really get rid of it for sure, I have to reformat my system. And Here lies the problem, I'm not sure what are the files that this virus infects in order to avoid them in the backup process.

When I searched this, all I could find that Sality infects executable file (.exe files, right? or there any executable files with different extensions?). On the other hand someone gave me more ones.. They are: .bat/ .dll/ .com/ .exe/ .scr/ .htm/ .html/ .xml/ zip/ .rar/ .doc/ .jpg/ .pdf

Apart form that I don't know most these extensions; I also don't know if they're the right ones and if this's the complete list.

What about what I can call "brother-extensions" of some of these ones. Like .doc, what about the rest of Windows office extensions; or other image extensions.. and so on.

He also said that Sality infects compressed files like .jpgs. When I searched this I couldn't find any thing on types of compressed files other than zips and rars.

Thanks in advance

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Actually I wouldn't backup anything. The infection changes so quickly that it's hard to say what it'll start infecting next.

Should be making backups regularly in case something like this happens, not doing it because something like this happens.

You can risk backing something up but there's no telling if it's been infected (well, you can upload it to VirusTotal if you'd like.

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