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Bug Report: Logs are incorrectly being saved despite all settings in MBAM not to save logs.

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Hello Spinacia,

From your screen captures the reason why the logs are created is because of the option you have chosen.

You have the scans scheduled to be silent. As per the description of silent the user will not see the scan occur at all. If you set the option to not save a log, you will never have any output of the scan that occurred.

If you run a scan that is silent it will create a log regardless of any settings you set.

As for the protection logs, from the Help file for MBAM:

Note: Protection logs created by the protection module will always be saved to the same location

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!

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Hi Grant,

Thanks for the informative reply.

If you run a scan that is silent it will create a log regardless of any settings you set.
This statement now explains why logs were created. However, there is no place in the MBAM help file nor in the program's interface that this information is available. No user will be able to independently discern this information without seeking help from support or this forum.

In the MBAM help file it is listed that:

Automatcially Save Log File After Scan Completes: This option automatically create a saved log file each time a scan is performed.
This is a global statement without any exclusions or caveats. Text should be added to the MBAM help file to indicate that "silent scans and the protection module will always create logs regardless of any other related program settings". By the way, the help file has many spelling and syntax mistakes as for example those highlighted here in red.


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Hello Spinacia,

We appreciate the assistance in pointing out the spelling and grammatical errors within our help file.

Unfortunately we do not include within the documentation that protection logs are being saved regardless of settings. As well as the modifier for -silent scans are also saved regardless of setting.

I will look into adding these items within the documentation for clarification for users such as yourself. Again thank you very much for bringing it to our attention.

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