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I've been a user of the Free version for a long time, recently took up the 50% deal via Wilders.

I just have a minor point to raise...

Why does the application use a totally different branding from the website?

The old 'red handwriting' in the application is nasty looking, but the blue website branding is really nice - shouldn't you at least use the same branding within the application?

Please update the application so that it uses the much smarter blue style logo.

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Hello zongamin: :welcome:

In as much as we didn't see an announcement on this board, it's difficult to answer you.

According to Marcin's post, 24 hours ago there, I'd say no licenses are left at this time.

Please reply with the original URL that made the offer so its validity can be verified.

EDIT: I found the offer here.

Thank you. :)

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  • Root Admin

That being said, we are aware that the red logo is a bit old-style looking and we'll be looking to improve it. Ironically, users fell in love with our red logo and are more familiar with it than our company logo, so, that leaves a bit of a problem moving away from it :).

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I'm all for modernization/updating of the product logo, but I vastly prefer the colors red and black for the product vs the blue and black colors of the website and company.

Well, ti does cause confusion, as I have seen more than a few posts on the subject, by people that thought they had gotten a different product than what they had intended to download. I might add, that when people go to malwarebytes.org and click download, and they get directed to Majorgeeks it adds even more confusion.,

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