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Successfully blocked access to potentially malicious website.

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Hi. I'm new and not very tech savvy which is why I have always liked Malwarebytes. It's so easy to use and has caught potential threats in the past. I just installed the free trial version that was offered today when I updated my free version. Since then I have been getting a pop up that says MBAM successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website. Type:outgoing Port: 61938 (That number keeps changing)Process: mp3rocketsvc.exe.

I have Avast, Windows Security Essentials and Spybot. I ran them all and they didn't find anything. When I ran a scan with MBAM, it didn't find anything either. I realize that it's being blocked but it's annoying that it keeps popping up every 20 minutes or so. Is this a false positive or something that I should be concerned about?

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Hello and welcome, dao663:

It is possible that MBAM's active protection module successfully blocked a bad IP known for malicious content, thereby preventing your computer from being infected.

However, if this IP block is happening even when you have no open browsers and are not surfing the internet, the IP blocks could be a sign of infection.

P2P software programs, such as MP3 Rocket (the program coming up on your blocks) are a common source of computer infections.

Please have a look at this post for info about website/IP blocking.

It contains links to other parts of the MBAM forums with explanations about how IP blocking works, what it means when MBAM blocks an IP, and what to do about it (including how to report a "false positive" and how to proceed if you wish assistance with checking and cleaning your system of any infections).

Please post back and let us know how it goes,


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