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Couple of things

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Hello all, downloaded MWB from download.com because all the reviews were great.

it installed fine

unfortunatly it freeze/halts in the middle of a scan. full or quick

It will complete a quick scan in safe mode. but having looked through the forum a little bit, I saw that one shouldn't do scans in safe mode seeing that some things don't load and thus won't be caught.

The result of the first successful Safemode scan was something like 14 items. good\bad good that it caught them\bad that they were there.

unfortunately one item: "stardrv.exe" found in my windows temp folder never goes away. AVG(free), MWB(free), and Sbybot S&D all catch it and "remove" it, but on a restart it is always there....until AVG catches it trying to do something. usually about 2 min after loadup complete.

Sbybot claimes its a trojan of somesort.

can anyone help me with this one please.

Back to the freezing thing. I would guess that this isn't supposed to happen. the program just stops about 5-6min into the scan. twice today on the same file.


the program goes into the (not responding) thing and even windows cannot close it. I have to restart the computer.

any help on this would be appreciated as well. thanks

My computer is a 8yr old dell. just updated to IE7 (gonna go to FireFox soon) and updated to sp3 about a month back.

I'm moderatly good with computers but messing with the registry isn't something I want to try without expert help.


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I forgot to mention that on the twice today, first time was with everything turned off. I turned off AVG, Spybot resident, Zonealarm version 3.1.395. my printer icon. I even unplugged the power to my modem to eliminate possibility of internet interaction. Second time was after the reboot with everthing like normal.

I did also turn off the "scan active memory" option in the MWB settings.

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