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Our IP is again getting blocked by Malwarebytes software. We cannot find any reports either on Google or other Malware reporting agencies that show any issue with the HomeExpo.com website. Google was reporting we linked to two websites "handlesbyalben.com" and "casco-group.com" both of which we removed but neither of them is blocked by Malwarebyts or now being reported by Google.

The only adverse report we can find is from Tiopan that consistently reports our HomeExpo.com IP. They refuse to disclose any information or repsond to repeated requests. We are trying to locate there "office" and send registered letters demanding they substantiate or cease and desist. It is a rouge outfit that we believe to be unethically and perhaps illegally profiting from false reports. We have had offers from unnamed companies that if we buy their software or use their "services" we can get removed from the TIOPAN blacklist. If the TIOPAN report is the cause Malwarebytes to block our IP let me know. The last time I reported this problem the forum moderator said we were not blocked. This time I downloaded your Anti-Malware software and then tried to access our IP and it indeed again blocked my access until I added the IP to the ignore list. Please advise as to what reporting agency or malware condition is causing your software to keep blocking our website.

Thank you,

Don Montgomery



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