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Best free malware removal EVER!


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I have never really posted a thanks on a forum before when downloading various bits of freeware but this is a definite exception. I had that annoying Vundo malware thing on my computer which kept popping up annoying 'scareware' adverts on my Firefox browser, and I couldn't even access some websites. After a lot of trawling and testing of different programs (all of which were utterly useless) I stumbled across this little gem and I can now say everything is good again!!!

So a big thank you to the people at Malwarebytes - it's people like you who help the internet become a less intimidating place! Not like the crap that pretends it's working (you know the ones that conjure up viruses which are completely made up! They really annoy me!)

Kind regards,


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I will admit , I was impressed the first two computers I fixed by only needing this product. Ran others but they detected nothing after this product ran. But from experince I run scans at least 3 times before declaring any product to have done its all. Hopefully more computers break down and call me so try this product against the next threat in hopes to buy a license each computer it fixes. To support the cause of course. Last comment under my lunch


Ps. Dont drop your cookie and go looking for it, because someone else will eat your lunch. LOL, Point meaning keep up the good work be best at it and you'll be reward as long as greed doesn't get the better of you.

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I concur. Definitely one of, if not the best. Misses some minor stuff (usually registry entries or other entries that by themselves can't harm), but is able to get some of the nastiest stuff out that the others cannot. I purchased the protection module, and am currently testing it, but so far so good.

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:)WOW! Who ever said there is no such thing as a free lunch - this program rocks!!! Thank you guys for making it available to suckers like me. I have a new laptop and bought into a scam that told me my trial version of antispyware was about to expire....literally bought in, I PURCHASED some lovely viruses...MS Antispyware 2009, MS Pro Antispyware 2009, Antivirus 360 and who knows what else.

I found Malwarebytes pretty quickly just by Googling the name of the spyware I was infected with, then verified it through a search of Microsoft articles.

Malwarebytes free version got rid of all the nasty stuff on my computer - Yaaaayy!

The only problem I had after that was no graphics on web pages, but I read through some Windows help menus and got that fixed too.

I run IE 7 on Vista and went to Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - Reset Internet Explorer Settings.

That info may be posted in the forum somewhere, but I couldn't find it so I thought I'd mention it in case someone else is having the same problem - they now have once more chance to stumble upon the info!


P.S. My CC company had no problem at all taking the scam charge off my bill and issuing a new account number.

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I have to agree with the above sentiments: this is GREAT!!! I had the Vundo trojan virus, and it kept taking over my Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers; sometimes without even launching them! It also disabled my Windows Update service, as well as disappearing icons on my desktop. One deep scan with Anti-Malware found over 50 files related to Vundo, and deleted/fixed them all with no apparent adverse affects. I ran the quick scan again just to be sure, and nothing more found. Now I can use Windows Updater again, and no more problems.

Thank you so much!!

A satisfied customer,

Jim H

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I also would like to thank you guys for creating a great program such as Malwarebytes'. I have been dealing with the Antivirus 2009 popups and a couple other popups that were getting very annoying. I thought there was nothing left but to do a fresh install of Windows. Luckily I did one more search on the internet and found this great program. Thanks a bunch guys!

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