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Can't fully remove vista home security virus

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Hey, how is everyone doing, first and far most important I want to thank everyone for the time taken to help me resolve my issue.

Yesterday I was watching an online stream movie. In the middle of the movie a vista permission window popped up asking permission to allow/decline a program called "Update.exe" to run. I thought it was innocent and maybe one of my programs needed to be updated, so I allowed it ( worst mistake I made). As soon as I allowed it, I got a couple popped up window saying that I got a keylogger and a couple viruses/system errors in my system from vista home security 2011. I knew right away it was a virus I caught and its a scam to download this security software. I was really upset though because I have Avast! Professional up to date always running. It usually fully protects me from a virus attack at any moment, it didn't even flinch as this happens.

First thing I did was to pull up the task manager to stop any weird processes I have running since I had many fake virus scanners popping up - Success.

Then I ran SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition to see what will happen. It found 3 Adware cookies which it described them as keyloggers. I fully deleted them. Then I ran Avast! to see if there is any other viruses that were not deleted or left behind. IT DIDN'T FIND ANYTHING on 2 full scans, so I assumed the virus was gone.

I tried to open up firefox to go on the internet but I got a pop up saying rundll32 error and that the program couldn't run properly, which then internet explorer was opened automaticly with some weird home page. Also the vista home security 2011 came back on. I knew the virus weren't removed or affected at all and its probraly getting worse.

I went on another computer to research more about the virus. From other people experiences, I learn about Malwarebytes and Rkill. I downloaded it on a USB drive so I can transfer both programs to my infected pc. When I plugged in the USB drive on my infected pc I got the same error message as the one for firefox, I had no access at all to my usb drive.

The next thing that came to mind for me to try was vista back up and recovery program. Everytime I ran it I got an error and the program said it cannot find any restore points for it work. This is when I decided to restart my pc into safe mode hoping it will work properly. As I restarted and press F8 to go to safe mode, a black screen came up with a couple of options: one of them was to run the recovery console, which was the one I chose. I chose to restore my pc to a 3 days ago point, it worked successfully because I noticed a game that I previously deleted was back. Now my pc was fully opperational with no pop ups. To be on the safe side, I plugged in the USB drive to instal both programs I mentioned earlier.

Then I ran Rkill to stop any bad process, which later I noticed it stopped 1 process which made me question if the virus was still there. Then I did a full scan with Malwarebytes Anti-malware, it found 5 viruses. I chose to remove them all then allowed it to reboot my pc.

Now ( deep sigh ) here is where my problem kicks in. I do a full scan with Malwarebytes Anti-malware, I get 1-2 infected registry data then it reboots my pc, then I do a full scan again. Believe it or not, I did this 4 times now, I always get 1-2 infected registry data ( sometimes the same ones, sometimes different ). I also ran CCleaner to see if it would help fix up my registry data, it found a couple problems which it fixed. But when I do another full scan with Malwarebytes Anti-malware I still get the 1-2 infected registry data.

I'm very sorry for the looooong post, but I feel like the more details I can provide the easier it will be for you guys to be able to help me get rid of this virus. I'm sorry for sounding paranoid but I hate having a virus on my personal computer because I don't feel like any of my information is safe which then I end up not using my computer at all since I do much business on it. I really appreciate if I can get some help to totally kill this virus, its driving me up the walls.

Thanks for your time,


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