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PRO License Info no longer displayed in UI?

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Just updated smoothly to v. PRO on my DT from within the MBAM program, including the requested reboot.

Everything seems fine, including retention of my scheduler settings, logs, ignore list, etc.

However, when I open the "about" tab of the UI, I notice that it no longer displays the user ID and the XXX'd out Key, as in previous versions (see attached screen shot).

(And I cannot find a button anywhere to either register or purchase.)

I assume this was by design?

And, so long as it says "PRO" in the strip at the top of the UI, I should assume I am OK with my PRO registration?

Will wait to hear back before updating on my laptop....



PS Not to worry, I have all my license information recorded offline on paper documents, so it's not a question of having lost this info.


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Hello Daledoc,

The new version of MBAM hides that information after it is inputted. This was an intended change. Opening the scanner will not show the ID and obfuscated Key.

If you install 1.51 over an earlier of version of MBAM PRO. The About tab will not have the ID and obfuscated Key shown.

These are all intended changes in MBAM V:

Thank you. :)

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Thanks for your quick reply, Mainard.

That is what I assumed, but I hadn't seen it mentioned (not having read every detail of the changelog).

Much obliged and kudos for what looks like the very best MBAM yet!


PS Thanks also for "Obfuscated" :) THAT was the technical geek term I was looking for. ;)

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Hello daledoc,

Sometimes minor changes don't make it in the change-log. I appreciate your kind words about our newest version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Thank you very much!

PS Thanks also for "Obfuscated" :) THAT was the technical geek term I was looking for. ;)

I do tend to nerd it up ;)

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