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Hi everyone,

I just become an autherized reseller of Malwarebytes.

I have a few questions. Whats the best way to sell this. I see I can place an order on my side with the discount.

Is it possible for me to buy alot of keys for it, and then hold on to them and sell them one at a time via my site.

If I buy 20 keys now, does the time start on each of them, or not until the keys are activated?

Also how long does the key last for, 1yr, 2yrs, unlimited?

Is there any marketing tools such as logos and such I can use that you can provide for me?

The last question I have is, during the check out, should I do the filling out the order form for each customer or is there an external link I can link to my site which will allow people to buy it and download it right from my site, which will cut me out of talking to every single customer that wants to buy a copy.

I live by malwarebytes and I wish I would have signed up sooner, I know I can sell this, I just need answers to my questions to help me market it better.

Thanks to all in advanced


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btw, im trying to edit my post, is that possible, I moved that image to my signature instead, and would like to deleted it off the main post thanks

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Hello IT Expert. Unfortunately you can't edit posts until you've reached 50 posts, the mods implemented this to prevent spam and editing of HijackThis logs in the help forum. As far as the keys go, each license for Malwarebytes' is lifetime, no renewal fees or subscription fees, so no worries about activation times. And as far as logos goes, please refer to the zip file attached to this post by Rubber Ducky: http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.p...ost&p=31259 And as far as a link, I would PM one of the mods like Rubber Ducky or Nosirrah about that and they should provide you with one so customers can purchase it direct from your site giving you your payment as a reseller.

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Wow, lifetime!!! It just keeps getting better. Next thing your going to say is it also folds the laundry and takes the trash out...hehe ;)

Thanks for the reply, and makes since for the no editing, guess I must keep posting away to reach that 50 mark.

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Im trying to sign in to buy buy malwarebytes but I am not seeing the sign in option to get the reseller discount. I'm I not seeing it? Whats the area I should be looking in

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