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NooB here..problems with VirusBurst / VirusBurster


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When I turned on my computer I got a pop-up from NortonAntivirus saying it had DETECTED (not fixed, removed, or anything else) and virus. I also have some crappy little flashing icon that changes from a blue circle with a yellow X in it to a yellow question mark. I did a full system scan with Norton and it came up clean. Then I used Ad-Adware SE and that didn't have anything related to this case (I don't think). Then I used About Buster and it said I had some CWV, CWP (?) thing and it would remove it...but everytime I re-try the AB it says the same thing, it never gets rid of it! I un-installed VirusBurster from my programs and did a search for all files on my C drive containing "Virusburst" and deleted each of those, then re-booted and did it all over again! Grrr.

Help, PLEASE?!

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