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Malwarebytes vs FL Stuio (stdrt.exe)

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I have been using Malwarebytes ever since McAfee failed to detect the MS Antivirus infection several months back. Now, here is my first real problem.

I scanned my computer recently, and Malwarebytes picked up an 'infection' called stdrt.exe. It runs whenever I start up (although it usually crashes anyway due to my firewall settings). It cannot be removed because it respawns again.

I did a little research on stdrt.exe. The first thing I noticed is that descriptions of the infection of a virus version of stdrt.exe do not match up to what it does on my machine - most of the registry entries have not changed or been created, nor has regw2.exe (a program that is supposed to create and start the stdrt.exe program upon startup before terminating itself). stdrt.exe does not play music in the background like some places claim, and it does not interfere with my memory, so I did a little bit more digging, and it seems it is legitimately created when you install Fruity Loops Studio (FL Studio 9). I don't know if the stdrt.exe that FL Studio creates harms my computer in any way (it hasn't so far), so could this be a case of a false positive?

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Hello and :welcome:

First off, are you only running Malwarebytes and no other anti-virus software? Did you remove your McAfee? If you are only using Malwarebytes as an antivirus, you are asking for trouble because Malwarebytes is NOT an antivirus program, it is a program that is designed to work along side your antivirus software.

As for a false positive you can submit a copy of the file in the Research Center Located HERE

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I have FL Studio 9 but I don't have anything named "stdrt.exe" or "regw2.exe". May I ask, where did you download it from and what version is it exactly? (Mine is 9.1.0)

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@Firefox - I run MalwareBytes alongside McAfee, yes. I use it if I suspect there is something that McAfee can't pick up. I'll locate it and send it.

@ThexDarksider - I had downloaded the demo of 9.1, from the site. I scanned the installation executeable and found nothing. Somebody sent me a code for it, (which they assured me they had paid for but never used, having instead decided to use Cubase, although that's neither here nor there) but I didn't directly patch the executeable. The point is, from what I read of the infection of stdrt.exe, it also installs registry entries and regw2.exe, which has not happened on my system, and indeed, when I searched, it is apparently a program that is created when FL Studio is on your system.

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