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My sisters laptop is Infected

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Ok so my sister laptop has been infected with a virus or some type of Mal-ware. Not sure which what who where but i do know the when and how was yesterday (12/14/08) evening.

Not sure the nature of it but here are my problems

Cant remember what site after all the time I've spent trying to fix this but I remember clicking ok or I agree to some download that I thought was connected to a codec for a movie site I was watching. That was probably the virus or the spy/adware thats now infected the laptop

McAffee was corrupted for some reason

How? Not sure - just says it wasnt working correctly and would shut down - when I looked at the running processes in task manager it would be there as mcagent but the taskbar icon wouldnt be- and so I tried to uninstall it in order to install AVG which works very nicely on my desktop. That didnt go through and only one portion of it was uninstalled, and everytime the scroll bar would get to the end for the other sections (like spamkiller or anti-virus) it would just freeze. So I have an incomplete version of McAffee running and I know I shouldnt install another virus protector on top of it.

Ok so the problems:

Blue screen for memory dump comes on after a few minutes of running in standard mode even if I use the "Last Good configuration..."

Before When I used Firefox to look up websites for the problem, it would not allow me to go to any anti-virus sites and would not allow the update programs to work on the anti-virus software.

I am using my desktop now so I downloaded both Hijackthis and Malwarebytes onto this computer -placed it on a flash drive then tried to transfer them to the laptop. When the install files wouldnt work I looked up that problem and then renamed them and tried - that didnt work so I copied the C:/program files/Trend...Hijackthis folder to the flash drive then placed it directly in the program files folder on the laptop. That allowed hijackthis to work and after running it I came up with a log that I will attach to this thread.

**I also downloaded and ran a program called Winpfind3. After setting that up I ran the scan with the boxes

Reg - Disabled MS Config Items and

Reg - BotCheck

checked off and came up with a log that will also attach.

The problem now - malwarebytes is installed and the icon is on the desktop but wont run. Same thing with firefox. Internet explorer works but certain sites are blocked unless I copy/paste/type in the address in the address bar and even then some dont work (again sites having to do with anti-spyware)

Now I'm stuck.

Pretty much what I think I need to know now is how to get Malwarebytes to work on the device in its current state.

If anyone who can help, can see whats causing the problem(s).

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance






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