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Portable software working

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Hi All,

I'm new here and I also am very interested in a portable version of this great malware removal. I've seen many posts about it and I didn't find a portable version anywhere, so I've created one for myself and if anybody is interested I can send by email or post a link somewhere here if the moderator allow me.

It is working for windows 7 so far, didn't test on XP yet, but soon I will get test it and make it work...

Basically you run a RAR self extract file and it will register dlls, create directories and you will be able to update the database before you scan a PC.


Jackson Birschner

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  • Staff

Greetings :)

Please don't post it here, we do not support such custom modifications of our software/installer etc.

As for what you've done, essentially it's just a repackaged installer, as the installer itself installs the drivers, registers the DLL's etc. so I honestly don't see much difference, especially since our own installer allows installing MBAM in a custom location, so you can already install it in any folder you like.

I understand what you're trying to do, but truly portable software doesn't generally register any DLL's, require registry entries (though some do admittedly, but they're not tied to the program being in a particular location, the way MBAM works, it will) and doesn't install drivers nor does it require a particular folder to be created to store logs, databases and other configuration files the way that MBAM does, so even though you have certainly customized it quite a bit, it's still pretty far from really being portable, it's essentially just a different front end for it aside from the installer.

I'm not trying to rip on your ideas or desires to have MBAM be portable, I'm simply trying to clarify a bit and make clear our policy.

Thank you for understanding :).

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Thank you for your reply, but It attend my needs better the actual installer.

I can run it quickly without mouse clicks and waste of time to install and uninstall it.

Anyway It is just to help other people. It's been 3 years since people start asking for a portable version of your software and I don't see why your company don't make it. It's so simple and it would help so many techs like me.

I respect your position and I will not post my portable version.



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  • Staff

An install batch can be created to install the normal version automatically as well as uninstall it already, but I do understand what you're saying.

Anyway, thank you for respecting the rules, it is appreciated. I will bring up the idea of a truly portable version of MBAM to the developers again to see if they are more open to the idea now.

Thanks for the feedback :).

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