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They make this look so easy, yet I'm sure they've spent hundreds of hours practicing over and over.   "Nothing Else Matters" - Oona BROWN & Gage BROWN skate to @Metallica & @Marlisa

I've seen the old spaghetti Westerns but never a Symphony playing these songs            

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17 minutes ago, AdvancedSetup said:

The music I like. The singing though just does nothing for me except completely distract from the music to the point I don't typically listen to this style of music.

Not sure one could really make a top 10 or top 20 great guitarist list. So many factors and probably actually more so a top 100 would be needed. Here is just a small sampling of some I'm aware of. From different genre but all great players.

Randy Rhoads
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Andrés Segovia
Freddy King
Jerry Reed
Jimmy Page
Annie Clark
Peter Frmpton
Johnny Winter
Duane Allman
Brian May
David Gilmour


Hehe, yep, I hear ya.  It's definitely not for everyone, but I dig it.  I loves me some thrash metal with great growling/screaming vocals.  It feels more like an instrument to me in such music with the lyrics/vocals generally driving and/or reinforcing the emotion and impact of the instrumentals.

Anyway, here's a few instrumental favs of mine that you may like:



A bit of trivia about that last track.  It comes from a DC animated film about the Justice League travelling to an alternate Earth where all of the heroes in the DC universe are villains and all of the villains are the heroes/members of the Justice League trying (and failing miserably as they're badly outmatched) to take them down and the Crime Syndicate (the name this group of superpowered villains has given themselves) pretty much runs the world, with the governments of the planet being little more than ineffectual figureheads that bend to the whims of these high-powered criminals for fear of retaliation and death.  The Lex Luthor of this alternate reality, who leads their underpowered Justice League is the last surviving member and travels to the regular DC universe to recruit that world's Justice League to aid him in stopping this massive mob of super-criminals.  It's actually based on a script written by the creators of the early 2000's Justice League animated series (a part of the legendary DCAU which connected the continuities of many popular animated shows into a single universe starting with Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series and continuing with the likes of Batman Beyond, Static Shock, Zeta Project, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited) and was intended to be a bridge between the original Justice League series and the newer Justice League Unlimited series which saw the roster expanded massively and hints of this heritage can still be seen in the film including the building of the new Watchtower (which had to be recreated following the events of the Justice League series finale in which Batman had to crash the satellite into the planet to thwart an alien invasion after having been betrayed by one of their own in one of the best plot twists in television history), the development of the teleportation technology, Wonder Woman acquiring her invisible jet (awesome story on that one if you watch the aforementioned movie) and an explanation of Batman's 'official' status as a 'part-timer' in the League rather than a full fledged member (this is fleshed out in the associated film Justice League: Doom which features a virtually identical animation style and lineup as the one featured in the Crisis on Two Earths film).

Anyway, back on the subject of great guitarists here's a solo from Zack Wylde; I saw him play once when I went to Ozzfest back in NM and it was one of the most incredible performances I ever saw; yes, he really is that fast, and yes, he really can play that well:


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  • Staff

Glad Zack Wylde got added to this list.  I'll throw a few in too...

  • Roy Clark (so much more than just Hee Haw)
  • Les Paul (put magnetic pickups on a guitar and look what happened)
  • Jeff Beck (Yardbirds, solo)
  • Carlos Santana
  • Al DiMeola (Return to Forever, Go, solo, speed AND precision)
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela (both of them..listen!  you will be amazed)
  • Albert King (where SRV got his style)
  • Jimi
  • Michael Bloomfield (made Chicago Blues popular in the 60s)
  • Eddie Van Halen
  • Steve Vai
  • Ronnie Montrose (Montrose, Gamma, dozens of video game soundtracks,a relatively unknown genius)


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  • Root Admin

Wow, what vocals. She won the 2015 Great Britain X-Factor and is now worth almost $2 million - she was 17 at the time. Watching the 2019 America's Got Talent and I'm missing this kind of belt it out vocals from any of the current contestants.


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  • Root Admin

Morissette Amon, such an amazing, fantastic voice for me.

Wow, at just past the 3 minute mark. How does her voice not shatter glass. So high and powerful and controlled. Many singers have vibration in their voice at high levels

Morissette performs "Akin Ka Na Lang" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus


Morissette performs "Never Enough" (The Greatest Showman OST) LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus


Morissette covers "Rise Up" on copyright bus



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