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Michael Bloomfield moves on to the Electric Flag.  Many great songs, but this is a good one featuring Nick Gravnites on vocals (he's still around!!!)



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Albert King had no tolerance for any man who he thought was mimicking his style, until he heard Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Here is one of Albert's best, and one that was hard to come down from when experiencing it live.  Thank you Albert!


If you like this, and you like SRV, look for the IN SESSION show where they played together.  The master and the student, with ultimate respect going both directions.  I almost cried!

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Almost back to where I started, with Stevie Ray.  This may be the ultimate blues guitarist song, and it was captured for all to see and hear later.  No single man could possibly be that good, so if I could just play that guitar once, could I be maybe half as good?  A story, a fantasy, a dream....who knows!  Enjoy.

You MUST watch the last two minutes of the song.  You will not believe what you see.


P.S. One more to go, then I'll shut up ... maybe.

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My last one, maybe.  Here's some story that you can probably do without.  I was going to college and working at a southside Phoenix liquor store.  It was a real nice place, so we locked the front door at sunset.  Drive-through windows on either side, but one was locked at sunset so you couldn't get broadsided.  All business conducted in one window (thank God).  I was running the show, when the show wasn't running me.  Because the doors were locked, I could turn up the music.  One night, this song came on, and.....screw the customers!  Plywood up, and music louder.  THIS WAS AWESOME!  It was way too short, but I later found it.  It turned out to be a bunch of kids from Ukiah CA (where the weed grows best) who had a blues band, played, split up, and were asked by a Berkeley record producer to come back together just once because their music was too good to be lost forever.  This album was recorded, and two of the four participants (Mark Ford and Robben Ford) went on to become major artists in the music scene (in their own bands and as session musicians).  To me, this is the best they had to offer (bias obviously taken into account), but I hope you like it.



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OH NO...he's back.  He left Chicago and ended up in Statesboro, Georgia.  Then, he found Dickey, Duane and Gregg and look what happened as a result,,,



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I have had my headphones on all night, and something is telling me I should go home and sleep.  There was SO MUCH good music back then.

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One of my all time favorites from way back in 1991, long before "Nu-Metal" or any of the other Hip Hop/Metal blends/genres emerged on the scene, Public Enemy and Anthrax were getting down and dropping Thrash Metal with a Hip Hop beat and hardcore lyrics to match:


Bring the Noise, 'nuff said!

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LOL, that second image looks like a mannequin :P 

Anyway, here's another track:


That song always reminds me of the movie Mannequin since Kim Cattrall played an Egyptian princess in that film which also featured Andrew McCarthy, and of course I can't think of the Bangles without thinking of my favorite tune of theirs which actually was on the soundtrack of another film that featured Andrew McCarthy (as well as an amazing performance by Robert Downey Jr), Less Than Zero:

Man those girls could ROCK.  They were so metal back when metal wasn't even that metal :P .  Must be one of the best covers ever.

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And the full album/studio version (the radio/video cut is shorter/edited compared to the full track from the actual album):

RIP Dime and Vinnie.  You are missed.  I hope you guys are jamming in Heaven, making the thunder crash and the lightning flash as the rains come down.  And on that note:

The guitar solo in the middle of that song and especially the solo/outro at the end are worth hearing even if you're not much of a Pantera/metal/thrash fan.  In my opinion it is unequivocally one of the most beautifully played/written pieces of music ever created.  It gave me goosebumps and straight up brought a tear to my eye the first time I heard it (and often still does when I hear it to this day, and not just because the artist playing it is no longer with us as I heard it for the first time the day the album was released years ago when I bought it).  Dimebag Darrell is a legend and one of the most amazing artists to ever pick up a six-string.  He ranks right up there with the likes of Jimmy Page, Zack Wylde, Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen as a true master of his craft and pioneer in the field of music.  He did things with and created sounds out of a guitar that until he came along, no one knew were possible.

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The music I like. The singing though just does nothing for me except completely distract from the music to the point I don't typically listen to this style of music.

Not sure one could really make a top 10 or top 20 great guitarist list. So many factors and probably actually more so a top 100 would be needed. Here is just a small sampling of some I'm aware of. From different genre but all great players.

Randy Rhoads
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Andrés Segovia
Freddy King
Jerry Reed
Jimmy Page
Annie Clark
Peter Frmpton
Johnny Winter
Duane Allman
Brian May
David Gilmour


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