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What are you listening to?


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Favorite singers list is so long, but will tell you some of my favorite - 

  • Need Is You Song (Video Song) | Dr.Cabbie | Vinay Virmani & Adrianne Palicki (this is one of my favorite songs listening to)
  • Sallie Ford: Soul Sick - Portland's Sallie Ford has proceeded with her post-Sound Outside evolution, which started on 2014's Slap Back, with an album of fiery garage rock that leans harder into the wit and attitude that has made the singer a perpetual festival favorite.  
  • Micheal Jackson is one of my favorite. The way he dances, the way he sings, makes him an icon of everyone's eyes. 
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Thanks @alice_123 and @inspiredwoman

If possible this forum is for sharing links to actual videos typically from Youtube. Normally just copy the link you're listening too on Youtube and paste it here and it should show the video. It does not support play lists it has to be a direct video. If it doesn't show then verify the link again and try the post again. Links from some other sites work too, but not many.

NOTE: Please do not post links to vulgar or explicit videos from Youtube.

Thank you

Example link (in code tags so it won't display the video and out of the code tags so it will display the video)




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